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Let us help you design a naturally nice new life.


Let us help you design a naturally nice new life.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

- Hippocrates

Nutritional Therapy Course


We offer nutritional therapy courses, that will help you to change your lifestyle and eating habits to incorporate a more natural way of living. Naturally Nice Nutrition will use a range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances. We will help you to understand how this can contribute to symptoms of disease and lead to health concerns. We work with you to address any imbalances, we also help you create an internal environment, that will invite the body to heal and cleanse. This will help your body reach its full potential. Changing your nutrition can change your life.

Holistic Wellness Support


At Naturally Nice Nutrition, we use holistic assessments to look at the person as a whole. There are many factors that affect health and happiness. Our staff can help you identify areas of your life that are affecting your health and happiness, helping you to make the changes that you need. Stress is a major cause of ill health and here at Naturally Nice we provide empathy and compassion, along with emotional support and counselling to help you heal holistically. Depression, anxiety and emotional traumas can take its toll on your mental & physical health, leading to serious health problems.

Natural Healing Support


We all need healing and support at some point in our lives. Our team can provide you with knowledge and practical skills that can help you  prepare meals from scratch that are natural and deliciously nice. The mind, body and spirit all need healing with more natural methods. Understanding the importance of a more natural, organic lifestyle and how to live a stress free life, is vital for health and happiness. We understand that change can be difficult, so we aim to help & support you to take the brave steps to build strong, healthy foundations for a new, happy and healthy lifestyle.


Learn how to create naturally nice meals

We can provide you with knowledge and practical skills in how to prepare and cook naturally nice nutritional dishes, that will not only taste delicious but also make you feel healthier and happier.  You can learn what foods are needed to improve your health and nourish your mind body and soul. 


Let nature heal you

Learn how the power of a more natural lifestyle can provide you with the healing that you need. Naturally Nice will teach you how to choose more natural, healthier alternatives that will help you heal the body, mind and spirit. Walks in nature, meditation and a balance in lifestyle, can all direct you to a calmer, healthier and spiritual way of living. Using a combination of essential nutrients, oils and herbs, you will start to feel Naturally Nice.


Learn to love yourself and your life

Making changes to your life can be difficult. We will help you to make those changes on a mental, emotional and physical level. Helping you to make changes to your thought patterns and how you think, creating new neuro-pathways, leading to new behaviours and healthier habits. 

What Naturally Nice offers



· We offer a safe space, to discuss your thoughts and lifestyle.

· We offer advice and support on nutrition, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

· Provide you with a detox plan that will cleanse your body. 

· Motivation and information that will make you want to live a more natural organic non toxic lifestyle.

· We will provide you with a range of therapeutic and informative sessions that will be unique, feel good and interesting.

· You will receive a folder, with information from your sessions for you to take home and keep.

· You will receive weekly food and mood diaries. 

· You will receive targets and progress updates. 

If needed, we will provide food preparation sessions and/or visits to the shops, to help you with labels and what to buy. 

Offers and deals


EXCLUSIVE £350.00 offer! 

7 sessions covering: 

Holistic assessment -diet, lifestyle, stress, mental, emotional and physical health.

Nutritional assessment– identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Changing neuro-pathways - reprogramming the mind, to help you establish new thinking patterns and make healthier life choices.

Discussion and advice on the results of above assessments, including; detox, toxins, probiotics and alkalinity. 

How to make dietary/lifestyle changes. 

Help with preventing and minimising ill health and long term health conditions.

Detox plan.

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